Who needs help writing?

  • webmasters
  • writers
  • internet marketers
  • web designers

Webmasters need help writing to develop a reputation for expertise in their topic.

Writers need help finishing or editing that novel, ebook, report or essay.

Internet marketers need to know that their content will be targeted for the market they need to reach.

And web designers need that additional customer service that will make their business stand out from the crowd of design competitors.

How can I help you write?

As a freelance writer, I will work with you to develop the content of your website, book, ebook, report, brochure, essay, or any other writing you require. I can help you plan, begin, complete, or edit your masterpiece.

I will ghostwrite, writing completely anonymously allowing you to put your name on the finished product, we can write as co-authors, or we can negotiate the rights to the product with my name on it.

My writing for internet marketers and webmasters includes extensive knowledge of the best SEO techniques, to insure that the finished writing will appeal to and attract your target audience.

Webmasters take note: you can expect to see your rankings in search engine results improve dramatically, your targeted traffic will reflect that, and your traffic will convert to more sales.

Web designers and consultants will especially benefit from adding me to their team. It's very simple: you add 'copywriting services' to your list of customer service features, I do the work.

How much does my writing help cost?

My rates are flexible, I give you an idea of where I like to start on my copywriting services page.